Thanks to everyone who contributed bug reports and feedback. We pushed a batch of bug fixes live last night – here’s the breakdown of what has changed:

  • Date and time handling is now much improved.
    • Strong date checking now ensures that dates are valid.
    • End date is now completely optional.
    • End date cannot preceed start date.
    • Date selection mini-calendars much improved.
    • Up and down arrow keys (or +/-) can be used to change date/time elements.
    • End time now automatically tracks start time. In other words, if you change the start time, the
      end time automatically tracks the change, keeping the same duration.
    • Multi-Day events now work correctly.
  • Events can now be withdrawn. See the FAQ for why withdrawing an event is even better than deleting it.
  • You can now create calendars with apostrophes in the titles.
  • Adding an event to a calendar from search results no longer dumps you to a page saying “No search keywords”.
  • Clicking a username link no longer causes a 404. Instead it sends you to a rudimentary user detail page that is so lame it’s not much better. But it will be awesome.
  • Upon completion of registration, you are now automatically logged in, instead of being dumped into the login page with no notice.
  • Added the rel=”nofollow” parameter to user-contributed links to help limit comment spam.
  • When adding an event, multi word tags (“San Diego”) now work correctly.
  • Numerous small changes, and formatting fixes that don’t rise to the level of mention.