This Harry Potter mania is really quite something. In case you missed the memo, the sixth Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince appears in stores next month, and the world is giddy with anticipation.

We noticed that an awful lot of Harry Potter parties are popping up around the world to celebrate the release of the new book. Most of the parties are midnight affairs, beginning in the evening of Friday July 15th and extending into the wee hours of Saturday July 16th.

There’s now even an EVDB-like service dedicated just for Harry Potter events, called, which as of this writing lists 351 separate events worldwide. Cool!

But guess what? EVDB has over 500 Harry Potter parties worldwide already, and the list is growing! Check it out: at the top of any page within the EVDB site, just type “harry potter” in the search box and press Enter to see a list of all the parties. To find a party in your area, add your city name to the search, for instance, “harry potter new york”.

We’re using the tag “harry potter” on all of the events, so if you add one (and please do if you know of a Harry Potter party in your area), be sure to tag it with “harry potter”. Might also want to include “party” and “bhp”.

Recently I spoke with someone at Warwick’s bookstore in La Jolla, California, not too far from EVDB’s offices, about their own Harry Potter party plans. They’ve done parties for several past Harry Potter book releases, and had nearly 100 people attend the party for the fifth book in the series. This time they say they won’t be surprised if 200 people show up, many in costume. They’ve even teamed up with a cafe around the corner from their store, to cook up magical concoctions which they’ll serve past midnight in conjunction with the book party.

What’s happening in your town? Let us know if you hear about a particularly unusual Harry Potter event coming up next month. And be sure to add it to EVDB (but first check to see if someone’s beat you to it)!