Starting today we’re going to start sharing some of the link love we’ve been getting lately.

Taylor McKnight is a fan of Eventful. He posted a great review of a variety of events listings sites, and Eventful came out on top.

(In fairness to, Taylor depicts Upcoming as not having a “Developer API”. In fact they have a very nice API.)

Here’s a quote from towards the end his article:

. . . I think I can easily declare Eventful the winner. It’s what concert (or any event) social software aka C.S.S. 😉 should be. Its got folksonomies, true sharing and interactivity, radical trust (wikipedia style), and syndication in every way you could want (rss, iCal, email alerts, event boxes for your website).I can actually only think of one complaint. I’d like Eventful to, at the very least, force me to pick atleast a broad category. A problem I had when searching for concerts is many events weren’t tagged with concert (or music etc) so I had to sift through plays, sporting events, etc to find music concerts. Of course this would go away if everyone started tagging properly (including event promoters).

Taylor brings up an interesting issue here. Lots of concerts are tagged with the expertise that only the bands and their fans can provide (an “expert folksonomy,” anyone?). Ideally, you’d want to know that a Barry Manilow concert and a Nine Inch Nails concert had more than just “concert” as a tag. Genre would be a help. My hunch is that concerted efforts on the part of knowledgeable Eventful users to tag items, as well as EVDB to auto-tag items that we know for certain ought to be tagged a certain way, will result in a much better searching / browsing experience for music fans everywhere. We have a few ideas on how to pull this off, but we’d love to hear your ideas too.

P.S. Hey! Another fan of Neutral Milk Hotel! Taylor just redlined on my cool-O-meter :-)