One of the more unusual events we’ve noticed in Eventful lately is WORLD JUMP DAY. The hope is, if enough people in the world (600 million give or take a few million) JUMP at a certain time next July, the Earth’s orbit around the sun will be ever so slightly altered, but in a good way, honest!

Bogus science or the most brilliant thing since sliced bread, World Jump Day is guaranteed to be a hoot. According to the official web site, over 300 million people have already indicated “I’m Going!”. Which is mind-boggling in its own right.

We’re trying to do our part by spreading the word about this weird event. All you need to do is jump. Hopefully earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, meteor showers, and other calamities won’t result. If the scientists are right, we’ll fix global warming, have longer days, and everything will be peachy-keeno.

Remember to jump on World Jump Day!