Mudvayne, a heavy metal rock band, is the first performer on Eventful to have more than 10,000 people demanding them for events. In Mudvayne’s case, they’re being demanded in, as of this writing, 707 places around the world, also a record. We’re looking forward to seeing which cities Mudvayne’s going to agree to play in!

Another notable Eventful story involves perfomer Jonathan Coulton, who let his fans in Seattle know, with just a few days notice, that he was going to be in town the weekend of September 1st. He posted some messages on the Seattle demand page letting fans know, as well as on his blog:

Short notice! For a long time I thought I wasn’t going to be staying in Seattle through the weekend, but turns out I am. At there are 50-something demanders for a show, so I’ll make this offer: if anyone can somehow find an appropriate venue that still, impossibly, has a slot open this Saturday night, I’ll play it. If you know a booker (or are a booker) email me and we’ll talk. I’m doing a radio interview on KUOW on Friday, so I’ll have that opportunity to promote it. And of course my mailing list of hundreds of thousands of Seattle residents.

The following day, he blogged again, expressing his amazement that the fans not only found a venue for him, but got him booked on a Saturday night with almost no notice.
The show was a great success. Here’s his post-show blog entry about the Seattle event.