Par-tay! (Sound it out…) Which is exactly what us Eventful-iers did last weekend to celebrate the holiday season with each other. It was a nice change of pace for us all to swap out our flip-flops and thinking caps for cocktail dresses and neckties. …

A few of the Eventful youngsters having a fine time

… The occasion for us to get gussied up together doesn’t happen all too often. We sure are a fine-looking group once the HTML code is scrubbed from beneath our fingernails and the Demand It! stickers are brushed out of our hair.

Sara: Smile for what camera?

Some of us put in an extra amount of effort getting glammed up since we had a reserved room at the swank Analog Bar in Downtown San Diego. Passersby were looking at us through the windows commenting to each other, “I wonder if they’re from Hollywood…” We’re not from Hollywood. BUT, we can tell you about what events are happening there.

at the bar
Some had a specific reason to attend the party

This year was indeed one for celebrating. Not only did we have zero onsite accidents in the Eventful offices – welts from rubber band wars withstanding – we made HUGE improvements in terms of the appearance and functionality of our website and services. After a year as successful as we consider 2011 to be, we all felt deserving over our two drink tickets. (Three, if you know the right people.)

at the food bar
Others had a different agenda

Most office parties are very formal affairs. But, Eventful isn’t like most. We hired a live 4-piece band, The Sidekicks, to rock out for us while we took turns pretending to be the frontman and sang to the throng of people with extremely picky music tastes. …

group sing
Eventful’s version of NKOTB – Paul called dibs on the “Donnie” role

… Surprisingly enough, we’ve got a few members on staff that can really carry a tune – including our CEO and fearless leader, Jordan Glazier! And even the not-so-good groups won the crowd over with their onstage banter. Good-looking AND talented? It’s amazing any of us are still single!

Jordan sing
CEO Jordan Glazier rocking out to a tune
that may or may not have been made famous by Tina Turner

Jordan gave the only speech of the night that was both heartfelt and excited. And he was wise enough to bookend his speech by raffling off prizes for gift cards to spas, electronic stores and restaurants. There’s a reason he’s in charge. Smarts.

At least no one brought an embarrassing date this year

There were drinks and snacks. There was music and plenty of prizes. But, most importantly, there was us. The people at Eventful congratulating each other on our professional and personal successes over the year. …

Maybe we are from Hollywood! Look out, Marie Osmond!!

… There have been weddings, births, graduations, new hires and a rumor was floating around the office that a member of Eventful has successfully jumped out of an airplane 73 times this year. On purpose!

no smile
The only time Jenny stopped smiling
was when they made last call

Yes, it’s safe to say that 2011 was a fantastic year made only better by the fact that the Eventful offices are so filled with genuine party animals.

Kristan: Call me a cab.
Dawn: You’re a cab.
Kristan: OMG! We’re SO funny!