Have you ever flipped through the channels and stopped on kids’ programming because you heard the most addictive melodies blasting from the TV? Chances are that you landed on Nick Jr just in time for The Fresh Beat Band’s show!

Yes, it’s actually a children’s television show.  But, The Fresh Beat Band is composed of some very talented musicians that sing original pop songs that make everyone move – kids and adults alike! The group consists of four main performers: Twist the Disc Jockey, Marina the Drummer, Should the Keyboardist and Kiki the Violinist. Together, they create the most addictive little tunes like “Bananas.”

The show has grown to such popularity that the group is actually touring the US! Check out The Fresh Beat Band’s tour schedule and get tickets ASAP!  They’re not going to last.  (Don’t worry.  You can pretend that you got stood up by your four-year-old.)