We’re living in a day where nerds rule. Especially on weekends like this one. The San Diego Comic-Con 2012 four-day convention begins in San Diego starting tomorrow!  (Though tonight is preview night for a select few!)

Comic-Con is a festival that keeps getting bigger and better each year. It had humble beginnings with a few people talking and trading comics way back in 1970. Just over 40 years later, it’s the main staging point for huge movie announcements and where the biggest sci-fi TV shows’ casts go for panel discussions and the names among names of comic books are not whispered but SHOUTED from giant banners hung from the ceilings. Artists, writers, inkers, actors, directors, producers, toy companies, TV network reps, video game companies, bands from famous soundtracks. They’re all in attendance and they’re all there as much to be a guest at the fantastic event as they are there to be an attraction for it.

Comic-Con is even a place where television networks make their big announcements about new shows. Warner Bros. Television will proudly announce their upcoming hip shows with exclusive world premiere screenings of the pilot episodes of five of the most highly anticipated TV series pilots of the 2012-13 television season: 666 Park Avenue, Arrow, The Following, Revolution and Cult.

There will be an exhibition called The Truth About The Hobbit where a panel of people that worked on the film will shred rumors, answer questions & share New Zealand images. Another exhibit called Bongo Comics/United Plankton Sneak Peek will offer a tantalizing preview of upcoming projects featuring The Simpsons, Futurama, SpongeBob SquarePants, and a few other surprises. Becky Cloonon – arguably the most versatile artists in comics today –  talks about her career in comics and illustration. There’s an exhibit for Mattel and WWE: Get in the Ring! for those of us that want to talk about Mattel’s WWE action figures with some of the top WWE superstars. There’s even an event called Inside The Batmobile that presents an exclusive 22-minute sneak peek at the upcoming documentary The Batmobile, an in-depth examination of its many incarnations and impressive history.

Stan Lee will be there! Dreamworks will introduce a series to continue the story of their hit film How to Train Your Dragon. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2 will hold a Q&A panel as well as present exclusive footage from the highly anticipated conclusion of The Twilight Saga films. And what comic book convention would be complete without zombies? History of the Modern Zombie will offer panel of leading zombie experts that will participate in a spirited discussion about the evolution and impact of the modern zombie, and get all your pressing questions answered before it’s too late!

There is literally something for everyone at this convention! Who knows? Maybe you’ll see one (or perhaps dozens) of Princess Leias in the gold bikini costume! Worth the price of admission right there.

To find out when such events are happening near you, all you have to do is register and we’ll keep you up to date on all your nerdy needs!