Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, James Murphy – the mastermind behind LCD Soundsystem, discussed the documentary about his band’s final concert called Shut Up and Play the Hits. The film was originally scheduled to show at only 12 theaters total, but as Murphy explained, so many fans used Eventful’s Demand it! service they had no choice but to expand the release to over 100 theaters across North America. Follow Jimmy Fallon’s lead when he shouted “Demand it!” to the crowd and listen to what James had to say about his career-to-date, the band and living on an inflatable mattress:

It was a sad day for electronic fans around the globe when the announcement was made: LCD Soundsystem would be no more. Murphy was the one to make the difficult decision. Too often had he seen great bands slowly deteriorate and fade away – basically marring the once revered name. His love for what he’d created was far too deep to let such a thing happen, so he made the decision to go out on top. Their final concert, which is the highlight of the documentary, took place in front of a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden! A feat few artists of any genre have on their resume. Here’s a taste of the film:

Though fans may be disappointed with the idea of an influential and successful band closing shop when they’re still in Demand, there will be nothing but fond memories of the young, exciting and vibrant LCD Soundsystem. Live fast and die young, as the saying goes. Did you know you have the power to bring your favorite artists, movies or events to your town? Spread the word about Eventful’s Demand It and be the first to know what’s happening in your community.

Watch what the music-listening population will be deprived of in the future: