Shane Dawson is one of those success stories people like to talk about. He’s just a guy in his mid-twenties with a wicked sense of humor and a flair for making clever videos. It all started when he decided to be a wisenheimer in high school and turn in a homework assignment in the form of a video rather than the written essay as assigned.  Fast forward about 6 years and Shane has the fifth most subscribed channel on YouTube!  (Who says homework doesn’t pay off in the future?)  It’s amazing what a kid can do with a video recorder and a willingness to broadcast himself on the internet wearing silly costumes to his 2.8 million regular viewers.

One reoccurring segment on his show is Ask Shane On Monday.  Here’s a little taster (which contains some adult language – you’ve been warned):

It’s pretty clear that his fame is spreading, too.  And fast.  Last week, he was #28 on Eventful’s Hottest Demanded list.  This week, NUMBER FIVE!  Only one spot behind the Demand giant Justin Bieber.  And he’s literally being Demanded in major cities around the world.  It must be his spot-on impersonations of Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, Sarah Palin and iCARLY.  (Who, coincidentally, don’t have as many Demands as he does if their totals are combined.)  An example of the master of disguise at work (again, be warned of the language):

Shane isn’t the first time a YouTube sensation took over in the Demands chart.  Not long ago, all of YouTube’s hottest music artists decided to put on a live show and tour North America.  The tour was called the DigiTour.  And because they were choosing tour dates purely based on their highest Demanded areas, they spent a fair amount of time on the Hottest Demanded list, too!

It just goes to show that Demand can bring nearly any kind of artist – even a virtual one – to a stage near you!  Don’t believe it?  Demand Shane Dawson to put on a show near you and see what happens!