Working at Eventful is very exciting, seeing all the events that we list for every town and city on the planet, but it is very exciting to have the opportunity to experience the atmosphere and buzz of the world’s largest and most exciting events.

The Olympics are in full flow in England and my recent vacation took me to London for the Opening Day celebrations. Tickets were impossible to get for the Olympic Stadium and so I attended a huge concert in Hyde Park featuring Snow Patrol, The Stereophonics and Duran Duran and the atmosphere was like no other concert I have ever attended, the buzz and the excitement were palpable.

They showed the lighting of the cauldron on the big screen and the competitors entering the stadium, a fly-by of the Red Arrows Aerobatic Team and fireworks ended the evening. The rest of my trip around the UK took us to Chester, York, Landudno and the outskirts of London, and everywhere that we went we found the type of bubbling excitement and enthusiasm that can only come with events of this magnitude. Everywhere you went you saw flags and heard conversations about the events large and small, you found yourself cheering for kayakers and cyclists, swimmers and weightlifters, this last two weeks has seen Great Britain become the center of the world and I am proud to have been there and witnessed it. That I work for a company that promotes fun and entertainment is one of the most fulfilling experiences that I can possibly imagine!

Robert Martindale
Director, Data Syndication