We here at Eventful take pride in being on the cutting edge of entertainment. We give you tour info for your favorite bands when they come to your town; heck, our Demand It! button even allows you to help bring your favorite performer to your town. We let you know about all of the festivals and fairs in your area, and generally try to give people of all ages something to do with their free time. Eventful even lets your know which movies are worth seeing the weekend they come out, and gives you times to go see them at the theater closest to you. However, even we make mistakes sometimes.

If you like movies and Eventful, then you probably get The Reel Buzz email every Wednesday or Thursday. It shows (what we think are) the top movies coming out on Friday. However, last week a grave error was made. And when I say grave, I mean that the terrific horror movie, The Possession, was overlooked in The Reel Buzz. There were technical difficulties at work, but we really just thought that Lawless — starring the popular young actors Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf — was going to dominate the box office over the Labor Day weekend. I can’t even count how many “children being possessed by demonic forces” movies have come and gone without making so much as a ripple lately, and I think The Possession unfairly got lumped in with them, because the movie did AWESOME!  It made almost twice as much money at the box office than Lawless did, and lots of people have said that it’s a really good movie. Partly because instead of doing the whole Christian demon possession that lots of movies schlep out, this movie is about an ancient Hebrew demon and changes a lot of the standard “possession” rules. I’m sold, at least.

We just want anybody that noticed our (my) mistake to know that even though we don’t always make the right call on what’s hot or not, we’re trying. Sometimes something excellent like The Possession can come way out of left field and slip by us, and then we let it slip by you. But don’t worry!  It’s still in theaters and we totally think you should go see it if you missed the chance. You can find showtimes here and trailers here. Please continue to remember Eventful when looking for something fun to do and when gauging future hotness.