We can think of dozens of reasons to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Joe as he likes to be called). He’s shown a wide-range of ability from Inception to Brick, 50/50 and The Dark Knight Rises — his highest grossing film to date. Here are three reasons why you should be standing in line at your local movie theater to catch his upcoming releases: Looper, Lincoln, and Don Jon’s Addiction.

1)    Child Actor Sustains Success

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s career took off at age 15 when he was cast in 3rd Rock from the Sun. Did you also know he played a young Craig Sheffer in the Robert Redford movie A River Runs Through It and Patricia Arquette’s child husband in Holy Matrimony? In a personal favorite, Angels in the Outfield, where we learned if you flap your arms enough Danny Glover winds up as your dad and your new friends are Adrien Brody, Tony Danza and Matthew McConaughey.

2)    Talents go Beyond Acting

After indie film (500) Days of Summer turned into 2009’s sleeper summer hit, Joe stepped outside the actor’s studio and turned to directing. His films Sparks and Morgan and Destiny’s Eleventeenth Date: The Zeppelin Zoo were screened at the Sundance Film Festival and SXSW (South by SouthWest). You probably didn’t know he started his own production company in 2004, hitRECord.org. If you’re an up and coming artist, musician, filmmaker or another creative type, you should check out his organization.

3)    Looper

Let’s fast forward into the future… Joe plays a guy named “Joe”- convenient for our story. When the mob wants to get their man- they usually do. Action-star veteran, Bruce Willis and Joe team up and create an intense action/drama masterpiece. Well, the trailer looks good.

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