The Voice- we tuned in- we cheered- had a tear-jerk reaction to some of these talents and it’s only week four! Here are our favorites. Tell us what you thought. Are you watching?

Monday’s show had it all- Drama: remaining spots had to be filled! Coach-on-coach squabbles and some of the best contestant reactions of all time!

Season one champ- Adam Levine’s team:

  • Caitlin Michele, a 20-year-old Bostonian, is a force to reckon with- singing helped her overcome severe panic attacks. Her powerful vocal cords help her channel the rockin’ Florence and Machine. We’re hoping she takes center stage- literally.
  • A California native, Kayla Nevarez fills Adam’s last slot. Her upbeat personality while she struggles through her dad’s illness makes us want to route for her. Hang in there Kayla!

Christina adds two more talented teens:

  • Nathalie Hernandez, turned the judges’ heads and then their chairs with her sweet rendition of Taylor Swift’s “White Horse.” Did you know she missed her prom to attend this event? Don’t worry Nathalie- at age 15, we see more proms in your future.
  • Celica Westbrook, who almost scored a record deal at age 16 definitely has some talent and don’t worry, Christina noticed, “You need to be on the radio, like, now,” she said. We think Celica has a slight edge over Nathalie’s sugary sound.

Reigning champ, team Blake has a lot to live up this season:

  • Nicole Johnson’s family moved to Nashville, Tenn., to support their daughter and thank god, because when Blake heard her country twang on the word “thang”- he was enamored. Let’s see how long she holds his affection.
  • Rudy Parris, who sacrificed a promising guitar career to raise his daughter. Now, he has a second chance. We love second chances and Blake seems to agree- he scored Blake’s last slot. He’s already grabbed our vote.

Cee Lo’s team includes:

  • New Jersey backup singer, Chevonne, who not only toured with Lady Gaga, but was inspired by the eccentric musician to have a solo career. It’s time for Chevonne to show us what Lady Gaga saw; sing your heart out girl!
  • And, the final audition, Cody Belew, was so caught in the moment, he captured our hearts when he realized Cee Lo turned his chair for him. Christina was quick to say what we were feeling, “that was the best reaction we’ve ever heard on the show!” Can you say “cutest contestant” ever?!? We hope he has the talent to back it up!

Battle rounds start this week. Make a night of it- invite friends over- bribe them with food and adult beverages (to the over 21-crowd of course!) and get ready to R-U-M-B-L-E! Give us your finale prediction now… which team will be “winner takes all?”