When Ellie Goulding was 10 years old, there’s a good chance she knew all the words to The Wallflowers’ “6th Avenue Heartache”- and maybe even had a crush on Jakob Dylan! Fifteen years later, both artists are releasing new albums under very different circumstances. Ellie Goulding is the pop sensation while The Wallflowers are looking to regain their relevance. Can both albums debut at the top of the Billboard 200 chart?

Ellie Goulding, Halcyon

You may not recognize Ellie Goulding’s name, but you’ve probably heard her 2011 breakout hit “Lights.” Go ahead, look it up on YouTube– we’ll wait… Back? Told you so. From appearing in commercials to performing on “Saturday Night Live” to opening for Katy Perry on tour, the singer was inescapable last year. Instead of taking a break, she was back to the studio recording her follow up, Halcyon. Goulding hangs on to the synth-pop sound on “Lights” for her new album and shows off vocals that have some comparing her to Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine.)  Check out her new single “Anything Could Happen” and look for her on tour– she has a few North American shows before jetting back to the U.K.

The Wallflowers, Glad All Over

The Wallflowers “Bringing Down the Horse” is one of the defining albums of the 90s, but is nostalgia for one great record enough to propel another 16 years later? Maybe not, but Glad All Over is still worth a listen. With the exception of “Misfits and Lovers,” Jakob Dylan tries to move forward rather than recreate the past. Even if the new material isn’t for you, chances are the band will still play “One Headlight” on their U.S. tour- find concert dates near you now!

Want more live music? The Dave Matthews Band announced dates for its winter tour last week. You may associate DMB with outdoor amphitheaters, summer and tailgating, but the jam band is taking its new material inside to arenas this December. Jamaican singer Jimmy Cliff will open during the first half of the tour and folk-rock darlings The Lumineers will take over those duties during the second half.

Can Ellie Goulding build a career off her mainstream hit? Will The Wallflowers find a late-career resurgence like fellow 90’s act Train? Does seeing Dave Matthews Band indoors take away from the experience? We want to hear from you!

Posted by Andrew