1) Director Scott Derrickson

Derrickson made rewrites to the shocking film Scream 4, as well as wrote and directed the gruesome Hellraiser: Inferno.  His big break came when he wrote and directed The Exorcism of Emily Rose, which is still included on top horror movie lists.  He’s also attached to a few pending horror movie remakes like The Birds and Poltergeist, so audiences can plan on Derrickson terrifying them even more in the future.

2) It’s a Horror and Crime Film in One

Of course the movie is scary, but the suspense comes from the plot unraveling as a mystery novel. Sinister features a crime writer named Ellison Osborne who moves into a new house with his wife and children, and uses the mystery of the murdered family who used to live there as inspiration for his writing. Watching Ellison discover more about the family and the heinous nature of their murders, it’s hard to pinpoint how the suspense creeps up on you. Is it watching Ellison become more and more fearful the more he learns or is it the murder acts themselves that are going to keep you glued to your seat? I don’t know — all I can say is if you’re looking for a crime-thriller turned into terrifying horror, then I expect to see you at the box office.

 3) South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Loved It

Although the film is being released this week, it first premiered at SXSW back in March, followed by screenings at London FrightFest and the Sitges Film Festival in Spain.  Film audiences are saying it’s even more suspenseful and has 10 times the gore than Emily Rose, and the trailers only tell a fraction of the story.  I was shocked when I learned the ending, and even diehard fans of surprising cinematic twists won’t see this terrifying, cringe-inducing revelation coming.

4) It’s October!

It’s like Christmas…but for horror films! And since Sinister looks like one of the scariest films to come out this year, you’re definitely not going to want to miss it. Check out the trailer below, find showtimes at a theater near you and be the one leading the office conversation on Monday. Check back next Thursday for more frightfully scary movie reviews. Come on, it’s almost Halloween. We promise, after you read our list of the most spine-chilling horror movies ever, you won’t be able to sleep until December.

Warning: Movie is rated R and trailer may contain some disturbing images

Post by Taylor