You don’t need to be a witch, ghost or goblin to have a wickedly good time this Halloween season! Prepare yourself for terror- these are some of the spookiest events haunting the nation this weekend!

Santa Monica may be known for its beautiful beaches and laid back Southern California lifestyle, but this month it’s in the grips of Paranoia! Santa Monica Place on the Third Street Promenade has been taken over by ghosts of California’s past. You’ll have to confront these ghosts to make it through each of the three mazes: The Infirmary, Insomniac Clown Playhouse, and Granny’s Manor of Mayhem!

Looking to combine your Halloween spirit with a workout? No problem. The Halloween Hustle 5K in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area takes your typical mud run and adds Halloween costumes. Something tells us it may be a laugh out loud riot to watch. Not interested in getting your costume muddy? The Monster Dash in Chicago won’t get you dirty, but you can show off your awesome costume as you run along Lake Michigan. If you want to challenge your fitness and your mind,  The Halloween Amazing New York Race will have you racing  all over NYC in search of your next spooky clue!

Those events may be good for the child inside you, but what about your actual children? There are plenty of non-scary events designed for the whole family, including Halloween Tales and Trails outside Denver and The Children’s Halloween Hootenanny in San Francisco. Don’t forget to look out for your local pumpkin patch and hayrides as well!

Guys, if you gotta get away from all the costumes and pumpkin-flavored food (though we don’t know why you’d want to- pumpkin is awesome,) there’s always the weekend’s slate of NFL games (find tickets.) Hopefully your team’s offense isn’t as frightening as the Halloween events you’re avoiding!

Tell us what you’re doing to make this weekend Eventful!