While the elections took over center stage in America, the rest of the world has been rushing to theaters to see a certain womanizing, martini (or is it Heineken now?) drinking Brit with a license to kill. Daniel Craig returns as the newest and darkest Bond ever and the intimidating Javier Bardem is an ex-agent bent on revenge. The world’s most famous secret agent is celebrating his 50th anniversary with a bang. Lots of them — it is Bond, right? And, we assume of course, you can’t wait to see Skyfall when it releases on Friday, so we’ll spare you the details and share our favorite Bond films of all time.

Goldfinger (1964)

Some say — and we agree — Goldfinger is one of the most popular Bond films ever. Although it was the third Bond movie made, the producers and Sean Connery created the standard recipe for an iconic 007 film. There were double entendres galore (ahhh, we meant Pussy Galore!) were intended to make Bond even sexier — as if all that swagger wasn’t enough. We met the iconic henchman Oddjob and for the first time, saw our share of incredible gadgets and weapons that turned us green with envy — like the tricked out Aston Martin and the giant laser. I know I’m still waiting for my giant laser; who isn’t?  Plus, who can forget crying over Bond’s early love interest being asphyxiated by gold paint or the infamous line, “No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!” Take that! Yeah, this one is clearly one of our favorites!

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

It’s not the flashiest Bond film, but The Spy Who Loved Me with Roger Moore executed Bond elements with swagger right from the get go. Bond leaving an Austrian minx in a mountaintop cabin is classic; of course, she immediately radios her associates and orders a thrilling downhill ski chase the second Bond bids her “au revoir.” We all wanted to scream “Bond, watch out!” And, who can forget this action scene: Bond not only outmaneuvers the hired guns, but shoots one with a gun in his ski pole, plummets off a cliff and unfurls a parachute conveniently branded with the British flag. Just another average day being James Bond!

GoldenEye (1995)

This film scores major points for spawning one of the greatest video games in the past 15 years. GoldenEye was also Pierce Brosnan’s first run as Bond, who did a spectacular job as a post-Cold War 007 battling defectors, deadly satellites and delusional communists. Famke Jansen disturbed us all in her role as a sexually sadistic femme fatale and Sean Bean finally answered the age-old question “what was 006 like?” Goldeneye also showcases one of the most destructive chase scenes: Bond pursues Colonel Ourumov and Natalya through St. Petersburg in a tank, and the movie showed us bigger special effects and more action sequences like this that brought 007 into a new age.

Now that you have warm, action-packed 007 memories spinning in your head — yeah, we’re still stuck on the tank scene — we can only hope to calm your excitement for Skyfall’s release by helping you find local showtimes and buying tickets to the show.


Posted by Taylor