So, there’s going to be a lot of commotion at movie theaters for the next couple of weeks due to pandemonium over Skyfall (which opens Nov. 9) and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (coming out Nov. 16). However, there’s a powerful and moving film sneaking into theaters during those two weekends: the Steven Spielberg-directed biopic Lincoln. It’s an opportunity to witness one of the most grueling and heart-wrenching periods in American history, and the choices of a man who pulled a nation from the brink of annihilation.

The film opens to a limited release this weekend and widens its release on Nov. 16, which gives audiences plenty of time to see why Lincoln is a serious Oscar contender.  First, Daniel Day-Lewis — one of the most skilled and fiery character actors in the history of cinema – looks and talks so much like the president, crewmembers were in awe on the set. Lincoln is based on the biography Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, but the movie primarily deals with the riveting last four months of his life. During this time, the country saw a great orator, lawyer, and statesman win a gruesome war against secession, persuade entire states in favor of abolition, and unite a fiercely divided nation. Basically, you’ll see a man reshape the United States before your very eyes through tremendous courage and strength. And who couldn’t use a little more of that after the elections?

Not that Skyfall or Breaking Dawn Part 2 aren’t going to be good – they’re probably going to be great – but all those movies will do is entertain you. If you want to be not only entertained, but also inspired to make incredible change, then check out showtimes for Lincoln here.


Posted by Taylor