The Voice is back tonight and with the Season 3 finale just a few weeks away, the teams have been whittled away to six! Who is still in, who is out? Did Team Christina manage to hang in there? Is team Cee Lo still dominating? Let’s review what happened last week…

Monday’s show began with eight contestants: Team Christina was down to one, Blake and Adam had two apiece and Team Cee Lo was strong with three. 50 Cent started off the show with Adam singing the chorus- interesting! After all the new singles Christina has been dropping on us, we needed a change-up! As for the contestants, here’s what resonated with us- the memorable performances were:

  • Amanda Brown, who not only went first, but belted out an Adele song. Hand clap- bold move. After Adam’s suggestion to “kick the song’s ass a little”, Amanda added a rock twist to the regularly covered “Someone Like You”. While the judges mostly were impressed, we thought it, ahem, rocked!
  • Cody Belew, a Freddie Mercury scholar, stood on a white piano and sang “Somebody to Love” by Queen. And, while no one can hit the notes quite like Freddie, we thought Cody did a surprisingly good job. Adam, who apparently is also well-studied in Mr. Mercury, was impressed.
  • Terry McDermott sang a song by none other than his coach, Blake Shelton. Cassadee had success with a Miranda Lambert song co-written by Blake, so why wouldn’t Terry give it a try? While his voice wasn’t as strong in the lower register, he let it all out towards the end of the song. Adam said the song sounded better- ouch- nice dig at Blake. The best part, Blake agreed and said Terry did things with his song that he couldn’t.

So… who went home? After a few entertaining performances, most notably Cee Lo Green and Kermit the Frog singing “Bein’ Green” (Green, get it?), it was time for results… and Dez Duron and Cody Belew were done! Personally, we were surprised- Dez seemed to be a favorite with the ladies, and Cody a favorite of… well, everyone. But alas, it was the end of the road for Team Christina.

What did you think of the performances? Do you agree with who went home? Did Cee Lo and Kermit rock or what?