Spending “quality” time with family is a common phrase every holiday season. And it should be- you spent precious time searching for those great holiday flight fares, and you love your family — you just traveled how many miles to see them? Then after a few days- you may realize, your family can drive you insane. We understand and luckily, so does Judd Apatow. His new movie, This Is 40 (in theatres Friday) might just be the holiday movie you need.

One of the comedy’s well-known stars is Leslie Mann. She is also the wife of the film’s writer and director, Apatow, as well as the real-life mother to her daughters in the movie, Iris and Maude. She just may know a thing or two about the modern-American family.

What couple- Hollywood or not — doesn’t juggle time-consuming careers, struggle with who is taking the kids to soccer practice or making the piano recital when you have to work late? There’s homework to double check, errands to run because god-forbid you ran out of bread for tomorrow’s lunches. You try to spend time as a family and then perhaps- if you’re lucky- find time to go on one date a month with your significant other. Sound familiar?

Yeah, I think Apatow and Mann may just know a thing or two about how families roll. So, if you need to escape the holiday family routine or perhaps gain some perspective on these beautiful people you just flew millions of miles to see, buy a movie ticket to This is 40 and take the family!

You’ll tour the trials and tribulations of a family of four that make being part of a family great. You’ll laugh alongside them as they learn not to take everything so seriously. You’ll even find yourself saying aloud “Oh My God!”

During interviews, Mann shared her marriage to Apatow isn’t all hand holding and passionate romance. Just browse her Twitter account or watch her on-screen with her daughters in This Is 40 and you will realize she’s expressing the ups and downs of a real family.

Here’s a taste:

When the sheer insanity of holiday family time gets to be too much for you, go check out Mann and Paul Rudd in This Is 40 to remind yourself things really aren’t that bad. Look up showtimes and tickets here and check the Eventful blog on Monday to find out what other fantastic movies are coming out during the final holiday push.