As a legendary director and avid film scholar, audiences have seen Quentin Tarantino tackle many movie genres: martial arts, noir, war, grindhouse, blaxploitation. With each groundbreaking film, he has modernized and accentuated the qualities that make these genres so enjoyable and timeless. And after each film, audiences walk away wondering what type of movie he’s going to tackle next. If you’re a fan of Tarantino’s, then you already know the master of Mexican standoffs is releasing a Western that would make Clint Eastwood full of envy. From what we’ve seen so far, this film will be among the Tarantino greats!

While Django Unchained might give a nod to the classic spaghetti western Django, the titular character in Tarantino’s film is a far cry from the coffin-dragging, 60s antihero (who actually makes a cameo in the film as a “bar patron”). Creating a western around a slave-turned-bounty hunter hell bent on saving his family is a fairly new concept, and casting the talented — yet rarely seen — Jamie Foxx was a refreshing choice. Speaking of great casting choices, how humorously sadistic does Leonardo DiCaprio look as a ruthless plantation owner?

Not only is the western a fantastic, yet under-appreciated genre in modern film, it’s a great medium to showcase the superbly choreographed action and violence that Quentin Tarantino is known for. From horseback riding, to gunplay, to TNT, Django Unchained has unlimited potential for scenes sure to make your jaw hit the spilt nacho cheese on the movie theater floor. If you’re not yet convinced, check out the trailer below:

Yep, we told you, Django Unchained has it all: action, comedy, romance, revenge, more action, stunning landscapes, and Jonah Hill! Don’t be that person who didn’t see the newest Quentin Tarantino movie and has to walk away while everybody else talks about it; look up showtimes and tickets here!