End of the year lists usually baffle me. How come my favorite album is never listed? Who is this indie band with the weird punctuation in their name? Is that even music? Don’t worry, we’re fans just like you so our lists won’t be like that.  We’re betting you’ve heard our five favorite albums of 2012.

Taylor Swift, Red

Does Taylor Swift have access to a never-ending supply of Five Hour Energy? How does she have time to tour non-stop and also record one of the year’s best albums (not to mention date a Kennedy and a member of One Direction)? We envy her energy and appreciate the output. Taylor seems so genuinely happy to engage with her fans we feel warm inside just watching her!

Mumford & Sons, Babel

There was a lot of pressure on the British lads following the success of their debut, Sigh No More. They brought folk music back to the mainstream, but could they keep it there? The answer was an emphatic YES. Babel sold an astonishing 600,000 copies in its first week alone – only topped by a certain pop princess listed above. 

Bruce Springsteen, Wrecking Ball 

What can you say about The Boss that hasn’t been said before? Wrecking Ball was Bruce’s most meaningful album since 2002’s The Rising. “We Take Care of Our Own” and “Wrecking Ball” are vintage tracks that tap into the country’s social and political unrest and provide rock fans with their arena anthem fix. If you haven’t seen Bruce perform live, you better make it your New Year’s Resolution and quick! 

Adele, 21 

We’re kind of cheating on this one. Yes, 21 was released in 2011 and won “Album of the Year” at the Grammy Awards last February. Impressively, it was still the highest selling album of 2012! That definitely deserves recognition on this list. We’re not sure when Adele is going to release her next album, but you can bet we’re eagerly awaiting it. We’re also going to count her sleeper-hit “Skyfall”, since James Bond is a house-hold name.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, The Heist

Ok, so you may not have heard of The Heist, but we really think you should give it a listen. Rapper Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis scored the DIY success of the year, selling 80,000 copies and debuting at No. 2 on the Billboard Charts without the help of a record label! Words cannot describe the energy the duo brought to The Heist World Tour – a sold-out spectacle that hit over 50 cities. Don’t miss their next tour in 2013!