Ah, the start of February. Love is in the air and last year’s un-purchased heart candies and hastily bought Valentine’s Day gifts fill the shelves of your local drug store. What better way to start off a month of romance with a tender and heart-starting love story? That’s right, I’m talking about Warm Bodies, the zomromcom (that’s zombie romantic comedy) hitting theaters this week. While you may think flesh-eating zombies might not be your thing, Warm Bodies just may have a little more than meets the eye when it opens everywhere Feb. 1.

This film is very technically promising: Jonathan Levine sits the in the director’s chair- his resume includes the indie hit The Wackness and the comedy/drama 50/50. Nicholas Hoult plays R, our warm-blooded zombie, and you may remember him from the British TV show Skins and he played Beast in X-Men: First Class. His career is starting to take off, and it’s possible his performance in Warm Bodies could cement his status as a star.

Zombie fans expect their characters to look as realistic as possible — don’t worry, Warm Bodies zombies received plenty of attention to make the undead authentic. Despite playing a lifeless mute, Hoult said he spent a lot of time practicing and perfecting his zombie technique. For example, Hoult worked with an ex-Cirque du Soleil performer alongside his ever-hilarious co-star Rob Corddry, who plays R’s best friend M. Of course, you can’t go wrong casting the legendary John Malkovich as the leader of the human resistance, and the gorgeous Teresa Palmer (Take Me Home Tonight) is a great pick. She plays Malkovich’s daughter and the object of undead desire, which, in our opinion, makes coming back from the dead an easy decision.

The real reason you should see Warm Bodies is the story. While zombies are rightly feared and hated, the film imparts an inspiring message as R literally overcomes death to protect the woman he loves. Although, I’m typically not a fan of films that promote humans co-habitating with dirty, stinkin’ zombies, this film puts a fresh spin on the basest undead desires while trying to stay true to the genre. So, don’t miss it. Find tickets and showtimes for Warm Bodies and catch our Valentine’s Day movie guide coming soon!