Idol’s Hollywood Rounds have begun! And, Wednesday we learned this year there are not one, but TWO new twists. Twist one: Boys and girls are now separated. Keith compared it to the Hunger Games, “may the odds ever be in your favor!”

Our favorites from the first all-male Hollywood auditions are: Micah Johnson who did Elton John proud despite suffering from tonsil damage, baker and rocker Gabe Brown, and of course, Gurpreet Singh Sarin, The Turbinator! Who didn’t make it: We were disappointed to see the hot fireman, Dustin Watts and Calvin Peters, the singing doctor head to the door. Guess they are back to saving lives… okay, we’ll confess- it isn’t a bad thing!

Twist two: The producers selected the group rounds- we liked it better when the contestants chose their own groups, but it’s a good way for Fox to create some drama! Some groups were amazing, such as the pre-made boy bands. Others let us down. The most heart-breaking cuts were Kayden Stephenson, the charming 16-year-old with cystic fibrosis and the teary subway singer, Frankie Ford, who was visibly shaken when he bungled his words, but vowed to be back next year. Apparently, the judges don’t care if you forget your words, it’s your confidence and swagger that get you through to the next round.

Thursday night: Turn up the heat! Those who remained performed solo once again and after every eight auditions, we had results. Did you notice how anxious the guys were? Paul Jolley kicked of the show- he was a nervous wreck. Nicki said his worry “was unprofessional,” but his singing was good. A very surprised Paul was through. Charlie Askew told his story about wanting to be with his ex-girlfriend (sad!) and launched into Gotye’s “Somebody I Used to Know,” which sounded exactly like the radio version (except for the ending)! Well done. He must not be crying about his ex too much, because after his song ended- he hit on Nicki. What?!? The judges loved how he “glorified weirdness,” and told him “never to change.” Charlie was through.

This show still shocked us with their final eliminations. Micah Johnson remarked he’s been through worse, but was determined to keep trying. Gabe Brown also took the news well when he found out he was cut. Thank goodness for dignified contestants like Micah and Gabe, we’ll miss them! We don’t need the drama of those who scream and cry when eliminated- just reapply next year!

Ladies night is next week- Whoo Hoo! We know there will be more drama and stage hands will be prepared with lots of tissues! And, we have one more final twist: After the girls sing, eight more guys will be eliminated- they thought they’re safe…but they’re not! We’ll have AI’s top 40 class by the end of next week- stay tuned to see who goes home and who makes the cut. And, we’ll unveil our predictions of who’s going to win it all.