Music. Whether you’re rocking out with buds in your ears, strumming to a lyrical beat in your car or your neighbors are sharing their musical taste with you without your consent – you hear it. Music fills every party, night club and of course, concert hall. But, there’s no better feeling than hearing something you haven’t heard before: New music.

Starting today, one Eventful Blog writer will share a new music artist or band with you every Monday because that’s our job- to connect you to all things entertainment. So, to borrow a phrase from Jay-Z’s “Public Service Announcement” and Chris Parnell in “Lazy Sunday 2”; “Let me re-introduce myself!”: I’m Alicia, an Eventful Blog writer, and I’d like you to meet The Epilogues.

From the Rocky Mountain State, this indie, alternative quintet is commanded by Chris Heckman’s vocals and guitar, Jeff Swoboda dominates the bass guitar and synth, Jason Hoke’s pulsating drum holds the rhythm together and Nate Hammond’s piano draws you in. Eric Keller handles the lights and is responsible for setting the mood. The band has been touring the Southwest promoting their sophomore album, Cinematics, and soon will head home to Denver.

When I first heard their song “The Fallout” it reminded me of the Sliversun Pickups’ “Lazy Eye.” The more I listened, the more I realized this band is independent of all comparison. Their lyrics are dark, but methodical, the sound is hard, melodic and then soft. The album is engaging and keeps you waiting for the next course of crashing drums and synthesized vocals with piercing piano. The wait doesn’t disappoint.

If you catch them live, you’ll discover this band has drive and can put on a show with such swagger and engineering, your eyes never leave the stage. If you’re in Arizona- they’re coming your way March 5- find tickets, and in Denver on March 9.

As I said before, there’s nothing like discovering new music. The sound has the power to awaken something deep within, your foot starts tapping to the drum beat as if it was on auto pilot. The lyrics penetrate the deepest, darkest parts of your soul. We know the feeling: You just fell in love with the new sounds you heard. Give The Epilogues a listen, your feet are guaranteed to start moving.


By Alicia