Start out your week with new music. It’s Monday and the “Refresh Your Playlist” new music series is back for your auditory engagement. Are you listening? You’re not going to want to miss this band: Off With Their Heads. I’m an Eventful Blog writer. I heard Off With Their Heads for the first time years ago at a pirate, punk show in San Diego’s East Village community. By their second song, I was hooked. I stood in that tiny, hole-in-the-wall venue, and wondered why a band this awesome wasn’t playing for larger, sold-out arenas. But, at least I can say, “I saw them when!” because as it turns out, I caught them right after they signed with Epitaph Records.

A little about the band:

Formed in Minneapolis, Minn. in 2002, their music centers around the throaty vocals and pounding guitar of Ryan Young. The heavy, driving rhythms accompanied by angry, disenfranchised lyrics gained the band a loyal following across the U.S.; one that’s about to get bigger with the release of their more mature, upcoming album, Home. The lyrics aren’t the only evolution/maturation noticeable on the album. While Off With Their Heads hasn’t given up its signature punk influences or catchy rock rhythm, the music itself is much more layered; it added more background vocals and complex rhythm guitar.

Unlike their previous records, this one focuses on one thing Young has lost after years of constant touring and recording: A home. With the band’s lineup changing frequently, he doesn’t have many constant friends. He doesn’t get to see his longtime girlfriend – whom he met on the road – very often thanks to strenuous touring. The more success Off With Their Heads finds, the more Young loses a piece of himself; an undeniable theme on Home.

The result is a more mature sound that balances out the frustration in the lyrics. The second track on the album, “Shirts” seems to be an autobiography of Young’s recent experience. He can’t go back to his old life because the road has changed him so much. However, the layered guitars and background vocals change the track from a song of despair to a song of defiant individuality through an upbeat rhythm and hard rocking instrumental work.

Home releases tomorrow, March 12. I already pre-ordered my copy and I hope you check it out, too.