A few weeks ago we helped you get to know Sam Raimi a little better through our new Director Series, where we look at some of the industry’s top directors, producers and writers. Well, we have another behind-the-scenes celebrity we’d like to introduce you to, and while he isn’t a director, he has put together some of the biggest blockbusters of the past 10 years. Meet Lorenzo di Bonaventura, founder of di Bonaventura Pictures and producer of films in the Transformers and G.I. Joe series.

Nowadays di Bonaventura is a widely known and respected producer of blockbuster action films, but he has certainly paid his dues. He went to work in the production department of Warner Bros. in 1989 and steadily climbed the ladder, starting as a production assistant and eventually becoming the President of Worldwide Production. During his time at Warner Bros., di Bonaventura was responsible for approving films like The Matrix Trilogy, the first three Harry Potter movies and Training Day.

In 2003, he moved to Paramount Pictures to start his own production company, di Bonaventura Pictures. His experience with the Matrix and Harry Potter films led him to produce many action and thriller movies that use CGI and special effects, like Doom, Constantine, Stardust and 1408. The biggest boost of his career came in 2007 when Stephen Spielberg approached him to produce Transformers. di Bonaventura was responsible for pleasing hardcore fans with essential details, while also creating an action movie with mass appeal. He received praise for producing a special effects-laden Michael Bay film, Transformers, for less than the director’s usual price tag.

Recognized for his outstanding achievement, not only was di Bonaventura asked to produce Transformers’ sequels, but he was also approached by an old Hasbro friend (from his Warner Bros. days) to produce G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Once again, di Bonaventura created a stunning action film with mass appeal that delighted long-time fans. In fact, it’s become the trademark he’s brought to other films like Red, Salt, The Devil Inside and Last Man Standing.

It seems di Bonaventura’s future looks even brighter than his present. In addition to producing the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation, he’s involved in the upcoming prequel based on the beloved Tom Clancy character, Jack Ryan. He’s the producer for the upcoming Red 2, and it’s rumored he’ll be producing remakes of It and Pet Semetary. Be sure to keep tabs on his upcoming films; check back to the Eventful Blog for more behind-the-scenes looks at the film industry’s key players.