Only a few coveted spots remained on night five of blind auditions, so the contestants had to showcase their finest talent and the coaches needed to be more strategic and focused. So, who had the most potential Monday night?

Jeff Lewis, a singer who once signed with Introscope Records and found his career sitting on a shelf, took the biggest risk of the night signing Usher’s “You Got It Bad.” Within the last three seconds of the song, the risk paid off and three chairs turned: Usher, Blake and Shakira. All Usher needed to say was “Hey- great song” and Jeff’s coaching choice was made.

The grit and raw edge of Shawna P’s voice inspired anyone who watched last night’s show and that included Adam and Shakira. Both coaches admitted their envy for the singer’s raspy voice and Adam compared her to Janice Joplin although he wanted more control from her sound…but in the end, Shawna chose Team Shakira.

Meet Caroline Glazier, a 19-year-old who sings in St. Louis coffee shops and withdrew her college enrollment for the semester for her shot on The Voice. Although the artist is drawn to the indie-folk genre, she surprised us with her understated performance of Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer.” Within 20 seconds, Blake and Shakira turned around. Blake said, “There is so much artistry in you. You’re a song writer too aren’t you?” Blake called it right and this raising talent was secured on Team Blake.

With a name like Mike Austin- you better know country and know it well. So when Adam applauded him for knowing who he is and doing what he’s passionate about- Mike was doing something right. Adam and Shakira duked it out after Adam called Blake “stupid” for not turning around. Mike picked Team Adam.

Sasha Allen, classical trained pianist, put her life on hold to be a mom. Although, she’s not a country singer, she belted “Not Ready To Make Nice” by the Dixie Chicks. Not a bad call since all four coaches turned their chairs in the same three seconds. We’ll say it, “well done!” And, well done to Adam- another amazing talent was secured on his team.

Monday wrap up:
Priding himself on winning the four-chair turnaround and stealing country artists away from Blake, Adam’s team is solid talent. Shakira pulled the “girl” coach card a few times and still has a hard time determining if some singers are men or women. No matter, she secured the talent when it mattered. Usher offered great advice and had moments where we and Blake thought he was campaigning for president. Blake certainly enjoys the coach chemistry of the show, tempting his follow coaches throughout the night. But, he hit turned his chair at the right moments and his team could be the team to beat.

By Alicia