We’re approaching blockbuster movie month and the Eventful Blog’s Director Series is jammed packed with information to help you become an armed and dangerous movie buff before these non-stop, action-packed films over take the big screen. Last week, we looked at screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the duo behind Pain & Gain and the Marvel superhero films, Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The First Avenger. This week, Marvel Comics is back at center stage: meet another Marvel powerhouse writer, Drew Pearce. He is co-writing the highly anticipated and soon-to-be-released Iron Man 3.

This British-born writer and producer is no stranger to superheroes. Pearce first came into the public eye after creating the British ITV2 comedy, No Heroics in 2008. The series lasted only a season, but it received acclaim from critics and audiences alike, and it was nominated for Best New British TV Comedy at the 2008 British Comedy Awards.

Creating an alternate world of superheroes gave Pearce the experience he needed to tackle his first feature film project, Iron Man 3. Pearce co-wrote the script with Director Shane Black who has written legendary action films like Lethal Weapon (1 and 2), The Last Boy Scout, Last Action Hero and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The pair wrote the script around renowned graphic novelist Warren Ellis’ popular “Extremis” story arc, which features action and noir elements Black is known for. Pearce promises to add some explosive, dogfight elements to Iron Man 3, as well as some of his trademark wit.

Iron Man isn’t the only superhero Pearce has his mitts on. In 2010, Marvel hired him to a write the script for Runaways that twists the tale about super villains’ children who band together and try to resist getting sucked into their parents’ legacies. The project remains in production. Pearce recently switched comic teams when he agreed to write DC Comic’s The Mighty, a script Paramount Pictures is adapting. The film follows America’s only “almighty” superhero – Alpha One – and his human sidekick Lt. Gabriel Cole.

And, the work hasn’t stopped there. Pearce has rewritten — un-credited — Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming Mecha thriller, Pacific Rim and he is polishing the script for a reboot of Godzilla. He’s also been tapped to write the recently announced third film in the Sherlock Holmes trilogy. So, there are plenty of Pearce projects to look forward to. Keep your eye on the Eventful Blog. Iron Man 3 hits theaters on May 3, when we’ll take deeper dive into the character of Tony Stark.