Every year, mid-spring marks the beginning of Hollywood’s most elaborate and expensive blockbusters. G.I. Joe: Retaliation kicked off blockbuster season three weeks ago, but some of the best movies are yet to come. This week, we’re talking about Oblivion featuring one of the most popular action stars in the world and it touts a familiar theme for action/sci-fi films this summer.

No matter what you think about him, his beliefs or his family life, Tom Cruise is an undeniably talented actor. His work in the Mission Impossible films has certainly made him an action star and sci-fi films like Minority Report and War of the Worlds have proven he can take on futuristic baddies. So, it’s no wonder you’re eagerly anticipating watching Cruise and a seemingly abandoned Earth in the dystopian, futuristic Oblivion. Not only is Cruise extremely qualified for the role, but he also expressed great interest in starring in the film ever since it was announced. In our opinion, an actor’s performance is always better when you know they want to be in it.

Another member of the crew, who also had a personal stake in the film, is Director Joseph Kosinski. The director’s background is rooted mainly in sweeping trailers for video games like Gears of War and Halo 3, but his skill with computer graphics and animation became a huge hit when he directed Disney’s Tron: Legacy. Let’s take a step back- before all that, Kosinski wrote a graphic novel in 2005 for Radical Comics called Oblivion. While the comic was never published, the film rights were purchased in 2010 and low and behold, Kosinski became director. It’s rare in the movie industry to see a director adapting his own work from paper to the big screen, thus he gets to see his entire artistic vision through from one medium to next.

What a vision it is, too. While Oblivion is not the only blockbuster this year featuring an uninhabited, post-apocalyptic Earth, it does offer an astoundingly original and inventive premise. The Earth has been scarred and pockmarked by interstellar war and the remaining population has been moved to the Titan moon. Jack (Cruise) thinks he’s on Earth to extract its remaining resources before joining the rest of civilization, as well as avoid any remaining alien resistance. However, when a spaceship carrying six capsules crashes on the planet, his entire knowledge of his job and Earth gets called into question.

Want a better feel for the film? Check out the trailer and then before you know it- you’ll be looking for showtimes and buying tickets to this explosive thriller! You know we already have our tickets. See you at the movies.