The final night of the battle rounds put Shakira and her team in the spotlight. It was time to turn up the drama and watch these incredible artists perform knowing only one steal remained.This is life or death for some of these artists’ careers- and only one can be named The Voice.

Nineteen-year-old Brandon Roush was paired against 40-something Shawna P. performing Janice Joplin’s “Piece Of My Heart.” Adam compared Shawna to the iconic singer during the blind auditions, so you had to wonder what was up Shakira’s sleeve. Brandon, of course, felt intimidated and it was Good Charlotte’s front man, Joel Madden, who encouraged him to make the song his own. But in the battle of Experience vs. Eagerness, which one prevailed? Shawna P. moved forward to represent Team Shakira.

For Team Adam it was a battle between Sarah Simmons’ intensity and laid-back Duncan Kamakana’s Hawaiian style. Sarah has an effortless power behind her voice that needed control and Duncan’s voice had to step into the ring and be heard. The duet had the potential to bring down the house with a Lady Antebellum ballad only if the artists did their homework and learned to harmonize together.

Sarah was declared the hands down winner and Adam sealed it when he said, “She is probably one of the best singers this competition has ever seen.” Blake was quick to admit he loved her voice too. “As a fan of this show, I’m going to buy all of Sarah’s music the second it becomes available. As a coach on this show, she’s going to be a problem for me.”

When Shakira paired Latin singers 17-year-old Mary Miranoa and 19-year-old Cathia, two vocal powerhouses who turned three-chairs during the blind auditions, America witnessed the battle of the night. Shakira challenged the artists to perform her own song, “Antes De Las Seis” and convey its emotional message! Talk about a tough task.

Tensions were heated after Mary admitted she didn’t know the song and sang over Cathia during rehearsals.  After the singers delivered a knock-out performance, the celebrity coaches were torn. Usher saw Shakira’s temper when he told the artists, “I’m not saying it’s wrong, but I don’t know if it’s just not narcissistic for her to choose her own record for you to perform.” Shakira was quick on the draw firing back and edging out Usher’s rebuttal. Usher recanted, “You never get into an argument with a Latin woman.” Shakira’s decision came down to charisma – and Mary won.

Usher, it seemed, couldn’t let Shakira have the last word. He saved Cathia with his last steal.

More results from the night: Blake chose Justin Rivers over the blond-ambition Morgan Twins and Usher picked Indie, introvert Michelle Chamuel over Latin pop star Chelsea M.

By Alicia