After watching Monday night, The Voice didn’t bring it on Tuesday. We’re not saying Team Adam and Team Shakira are stronger than Blake and Usher’s… ok, maybe we are. Last night’s show felt out of sync. Some artists chose to cover songs by the opposite sex. Should men really sing Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry songs? Regardless, we weren’t blown away by any one performance. The coach controversy picked up, but at least this week, Shakira didn’t compare anyone’s talent to food.

For Team Blake, Savannah Berry displayed her artistic ability when she took Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me” and turned it country. Justin Rivers picked a Miley Cyrus song and his performance made it easy for Blake to move him to the Live rounds.

The coach contention started when Blake paired gospel singer Holly Tucker against Luke Edgemon, a former Team Shakira artist. Holly made Tim McGraw’s “Live Like You Were Dying” sound good, but we didn’t feel it. Luke sang “Teenage Dream,” prompting Adam to advise Blake, “Don’t be stupid man, I mean it!” After Blake made his decision, Adam and Shakira visited Blake at the end of the row to plead for Luke. Too late. Holly won it.

Danielle Bradbery is a natural. She delivered Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take The Wheel” with precision. Not bad for a girl who’s only performed on stage three times. Taylor Beckham couldn’t master Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette,” and let Danielle knock her out of the round.

The final round for Team Blake was a country music battle between Grace Askew and the Swon Brothers. Grace didn’t deliver a consistent performance, which allowed Blake to select the Swon Brothers’ perfect harmony.

You can say Usher’s coaching style is more direct then the others. He pushed his artists by standing directly in front of the microphone or dropping to the floor (his artist included) to crank out 20 pushups.

Former model Josiah Hawley was paired against Jess Kellner. While Josiah’s looks became the talk of our male coaches… awkward… Josiah’s rendition of “Black to Black” edged Jess out of the competition.

Audrey Karrasch forced Lil Wayne’s “How to Love,” but Michelle Chamuel made Usher’s decision by pumping up the crowd and dancing Audrey right out of the competition with “Raise Your Glass.”

C. Perkins and Vedo, two R&B hopefuls, went head-to-head with C. performing Chris Brown’s “She Ain’t You” and Vedo’s emotional Bryan Adams cover. Usher selected Vedo.

Usher’s final battle featured Cathia, a steal from Team Shakira against Ryan Innes. Cathia took command of the stage and didn’t look back with Kelly Clarkson’s “Mr. Know It All.” Ryan couldn’t hold the notes of Gavin DeGraw’s song and forced Usher into an easy choice picking Cathia.

Here’s the lively part of the show: Who do you think won the coaches’ knockout round when discussing C. Perkins and Vedo’s performance- Adam or Blake:

Blake asked C. if the “C” stood for Carl.”

Adam interrupted: “It’s “C” because it sounds cool man, like if your name was “B” that would so much cooler than “Blake.” ‘I’m “B Shelton’ what’s up? Maybe you should try it, you need to try something.”

Blake won a standing ovation from the crowd when he calmly replied, “Kiss my ass Adam.”

Adam: “I do believe that’s a lot of smart talk coming from a guy whose initials are “BS.”

Come back next week when we recap the Live rounds on Tuesday.

By Alicia