There are some things that just go better together – peanut butter and jelly, hot chocolate and marshmallows, country music and the summer. Kenny Chesney knows this – that’s why he lives in the Virgin Islands and enrolled in the Jimmy Buffet School of Eternal Summer. Lady Antebellum is on the same page – just check out the cover of their new album, Golden, available today on iTunes. It looks like it’s been drenched in golden sunlight!


Fans looking for roll-your-window-down, sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs anthems won’t be disappointed. “Better Off Now (That You’re Gone)” and “Teenage Goodbye” are up-tempo tracks with emotional lyrics that everyone will relate to. Obviously, Lady Antebellum knows how to crank it up – but they also know how to slow it down. Try to resist as much as you can – but we bet you’ll shed a few tears when you hear Charles Kelley and Hilary Scott belt out the aptly named ballad, “All For Love.”

Like any good country record, you’ll find yourself singing the tracks everywhere you go – in your car, in your shower and most definitely at the concerts this summer. Make sure to catch Lady Antebellum across the South and Midwest during May and June though – Hillary Scott is pregnant and due in July.

Who else released new music today?

New Girl fans don’t have to be bummed about the show’s upcoming season finale – Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, together known as She & Him, put out their third album, Volume 3.  No, Deschanel isn’t in character, and you won’t find Nick, Schmidt or Winston tagging along. However, when she and M. Ward get together, the result is a timeless and playful record – something you might recollect hearing on AM radio at some point in your childhood. She & Him have a summer tour lined up before Deschanel has to go back to her day job – find tickets now and ease your impending New Girl withdrawal.