What music genre will always have its place on Top 40 radio stations? If you said pop music, you are correct. Evolving from the rock n’ roll revolution of the mid-50’s, pop music has made it clear it’s not going anywhere- and, why would it? It has access to the widest audience base in the world, it sells more copies than any other genre and it gets the most air time. Emerging pop star, Lea Marie, is counting on those facts. She’s planning to ride pop music’s longevity to stardom and with her tenacious style, she might just make it.

Lea Marie is a self-made singer and songwriter. She describes her brand of pop music as “Ma-Gaga.” Imagine the music and persona of the always-evolving Madonna and Ms. Monster, Lady Gaga, mashed together- and there you have it- “Ma-Gaga.” After she made her Hollywood debut in 2008, Lea Marie found herself performing on stage in 2009 for American Idol judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardio and Ellen DeGeneres.

Today, she’s still making her mark on Hollywood by promoting the release of her second EP, Undercover Lover. The album’s leading single, “Take Me For A Ride” is finding its viral groove on YouTube with close to a million views. It’s an upbeat melody about a girl who’s more in love with her beau’s truck than with him.

Here’s the impressive part about Lea Marie: On Undercover Lover, she penned every song, sang every harmony and played the piano on each track. We should mention she’s been a trained classical pianist since age eight. With over 200 songs in her musical library, she said her inspiration to write Undercover Lover came from the everyday drama college students experience.

The EP takes you for a ride through relationship highs and lows. Needless to say, the music follows suit. On the six-track EP, you’ll hear a mix of energetic melodies on “My Chico Latino,” wrap yourself up in a deep, rich ballad titled “Turning Me On,” and dive into a mystical romance “In Another Life.”

Take a listen for yourself. With mainstream pop music here to stay, you may find yourself saying “I’ve heard of Lea Marie…” With her drive for success, we promise you’ll be hearing more of her soon. In the meantime, if you’re in Southern California, you can find her on stage at the local clubs such as Los Angeles’s The Mint!

By Alicia