You can describe indie music artists with one word: Refreshing. They produce rhythms and sounds and write lyrics that are definitely outside Hollywood labels’ wheelhouse. Perhaps, that’s why we’re drawn to them. They awaken something inside us- is it the melody? The lyrics? The beat they’ve drummed up? Or maybe, it’s the fact the entire song or album resonates with us just like a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day.

Refreshing is the perfect description of Los Angeles’s up-and-coming electro-pop band, Capital Cities who is monopolizing airwaves and delivering such stellar performances, they’re literally stealing the summer’s festival scene. Founding band members Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian met on Craigslist where they wrote jingles and composed music for commercials. After three years together, they formed Capital Cities and released their self-titled EP. The first single, “Safe and Sound” is a short, fun, quirky melody about love and hope that became an almost instant-over-night viral success.

Considering Merchant and Simonian’s jingle-producing background, you may recognize “Safe and Sound” from advertising campaigns for HBO, Smart Car and Microsoft. Thanks to the song’s success, the duo found themselves on the road kicking off their first tour “Dancing With Strangers” last April in Phoenix, Ari. Two weeks later, their New York City show at Irving Plaza was sold out. You might think that’s a surreal experience for two commercial composers who met on the Internet.

Now, the duo calls Capitol/Universal Records home- how fitting. Tomorrow, June 4 marks the release of their debut album, In a Tidal Wave of Mystery. If you’re looking to chill out and relax or stay out and dance the summer away, this band will suit your needs just fine. They have harmony, up-beat grooves and their lyrics as they say “are full of heart.”

But don’t take our word for it. Watch them play on Conan this Thursday night and see for yourself. Even better- find them at summer music festival near you. They’re set to play San Diego’s 94/9 Festival Saturday, June 8 and they’ll make headlines next week at Tennessee’s Bonnaroo’s Music Festival.

If they’re not yet coming to your town, click Demand it! and they’ll know where to route their next tour. A new album means another tour right? They’re planning to hit 35 cities so make sure one of them is your town.