The results of Tuesday night’s eliminations are in and we debated as to whether or not we’re going to say it… and we are: “We were RIGHT!”  It was Holly Tucker’s time to say goodbye and Blake Shelton’s country company is down to two. Results are tailed by your votes and the number of iTunes downloads from Monday night’s performances and Holly’s two songs- as expected- charted at the bottom.

Of course, before you learn the results of any good reality TV show, you have to sit through a few performances. Without hesitation, the show opened and welcomed back Team Blake’s Season Three winner, Cassadee Pope, who belted her new single “Wasting All These Years.” As Blake would say, “Country music artists are story-tellers,” and Cassadee’s song was powerful, well-written and her passion for singing was evident.

However, have you heard her name mentioned since winning Season Three’s title?

Not to prove a point, but who won Season Two and Season One again? We’ll wait for you to finish your Google search…Season Two was Jermaine Paul and Season One crowned Javier Colon. If you’re asking yourself “who are these people,” we’re with you.

Winners from earlier seasons of another reality singing competition were instant household names: Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Clay Aiken…the list goes on. Can The Voice find its one ‘voice’ that stands out and makes the cut above the rest?

Let’s look at whose left. There’s no disputing the remaining five are talented. We’ve been saying Danielle Bradbery and Michelle Chamuel are the ones to beat, but do they have what it takes?

  • Danielle could be the next Taylor Swift– her voice floats across every genre.
  • Michelle is the underdog no one saw coming, but her style is the question. It could get her noticed, but from a Hollywood-point-of-view, it could also hurt her.
  • The Swon Brothers will definitely get a record deal- Blake will make sure of that- but right now, it seems only true country fans would follow them.
  • Sasha Allen began her music career singing backup vocals for Alicia Keys, John Legend and another The Voice alum, Christina Aguilera. She’s also been on Broadway, where we believe her voice is best suited.
  • Only Adam Levine turned his chair for Amber Carrington. She’s 19 and also possesses great cross-genre potential; however, she doesn’t have enough to stand out and beat Danielle.

We’re staying tuned to find out. Monday’s right around the corner, followed by another agonizing 24-hour wait to see what the musical fates hold for these five powerful voices on Tuesday.