Last week, you witnessed the reunion of father/son duo Will and Jaden Smith, who hadn’t been seen on-screen together in seven years.  This week, we’re treated with yet another reunion: Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are together again in the rib-tickling, feel-good comedy, The Internship. It’s been eight years since the pair appeared together in Wedding Crashers, and once again they’re playing fish-out-of-water and shaking things up with their unabashed hijinks.

The Internship features Vaughn and Wilson as two watch salesmen who end up on the street after advancing technology makes their jobs obsolete. Their solution? Apply for internships at one of the most technologically advanced companies in the world: Google. But their plans to modernize go awry when they realize they’re decades older than their competition and not exactly as cool as they used to be. The only way to get the job will be to bridge the generation gap with their equally uncool teammates and prove to the world old dogs don’t need to learn entirely new tricks.

While the film is set in a technotopia filled with all the latest gadgets and tools, The Internship gives the impression of a feel-good 80’s comedy. You know, kind of like Weekend at Bernie’s, where two lovable goofs stumble into a scheme that quickly has them in over their heads. There’s an authoritative downer threatening to unravel their plans and a woman who makes all the craziness worth it. In the end, everyone learns an important lesson about being themselves and comes away better off than they were before. Unfortunately for those 80’s movies, they didn’t have the incomparable team of Vaughn and Wilson to provide the laughs as the two have tremendous chemistry together. Their biting wit, quick back-and-forth and unashamed improvisation make the film a delight to watch and give it an original feel that sets it apart from the numerous buddy comedies. You’ll leave the theater with an uplifting feeling punctuated by a tinge of awkward humor only this dynamic duo can provide.

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