So, it’s the 5th of July. The fireworks are done, the barbecue has been put away and the Twilight Zone marathon is officially over. If you don’t have to work today, chances are that you have quite a nice stretch of weekend ahead of you. But how should you spend it? If you’re feeling the summer heat, you might be inclined to try a crowded beach or pool. Theme parks and zoos will be packed with visitors, and if you have family in town or kids, it’ll be even harder. Save yourself a headache and head over to a movie theater, where there’s a number of awesome films out just in time for this 4th of July weekend.

We know you’ve already taken the young ones to see Pixar’s Monsters University, but don’t worry; Gru is here to save the day. Despicable Me 2 hit theaters on Wednesday and it’s a terrific follow up to the original film – critics and audiences agree. While some praise goes to incredible visual scenes and dozens of great gags, much of the credit goes to a talented cast. Steve Carell, Russell Brand and Miranda Cosgrove have returned for the sequel and are joined by newcomers Benjamin Bratt (who plays the villain, Eduardo) and Steve Coogan (head of the Anti-Villain League). Ken Jeong gets a meatier role than in the first film – as the owner of a wig shop – as does Kristen Wiig, who plays Gru’s new partner and love interest. Watch Gru and the Minions turn over a new leaf as they hunt down the super villain who has taken over Gru’s #1 spot.

If an animated film isn’t your style, The Lone Ranger has a lot more action and is still family friendly. It’s the kind of grand, suspenseful action film that you’d expect from Director Gore Verbinski and Producer Jerry Bruckheimer, the duo who brought you the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films. The team has returned The Lone Ranger to the big screen in spectacular fashion and remained true to the valiant, dramatic and daring action that made the original radio and television shows so popular. The movie stars Armie Hammer (Social Network, Mirror, Mirror) as the notorious lawman who is murdered by a gang of outlaws, but miraculously returns to life as an invincible crime fighter. Of course, a Verbinski/Bruckheimer film wouldn’t be complete without Johnny Depp. The actor stars as the mysterious Native American Tonto, who finds the slain lawman and calls on a white spirit horse to revive him as a spirit walker. Together, they’ll ride through the West in search of the violent outlaw that killed The Lone Ranger and his brother.

Spend this 4th of July weekend enjoying one of America’s richest and most popular pastimes. Check out showtimes and tickets for Despicable Me 2, and for The Lone Ranger.