Something scary could be headed your way!

FOX and Eventful are giving fans the opportunity to see FOX’s thrilling new series Sleepy Hollow before it premieres on Monday, Sept. 16th.  The power is truly in the hands of the fans – the three cities that Demand it! the most will win an exclusive free advance screening.

You may think you know the story of the Headless Horseman, but you haven’t seen anything yet.  In this modern-day retelling, both the Horseman and Ichabod Crane have been resurrected in the enigmatic town of Sleepy Hollow. To save the world from unprecedented evil, Crane must unravel a mystery that dates back to the founding fathers.

So what do you need to do to bring a free advance screening to your city? Demand Sleepy Hollow in your city and spread the word. The competition is heated, so make sure to get your friends and family on board too.

Keep calm & don’t lose your head – there’s still a few weeks left for your city to get into the top three.  The Demand ends on Monday, Aug. 19th at 5pm PT, so get on your horse and start spreading the word now!