In the music and movie industries, comebacks are usually reserved for artists who have been out of the spotlight for many years, or worse, released a string of poor albums or films. John Mayer’s Paradise Valley is definitely a comeback album – but not in the traditional Hollywood sense.

Just two years ago, Mayer developed a granuloma near his vocal cords, casting doubt on whether he’d ever be able to sing again. Not only did he fully recover, he’s back with one of his most impressive albums to date. The album is musically similar to his past catalog – effortlessly blending blues, rock, soul and country – but shows lyrical growth, or at least growing pains. At 35, Mayer takes one step forward by reflecting on his public image in the tabloids, but another step back by responding to Taylor Swift’s infamous “Dear John.” He also duets with current girlfriend Katy Perry  and even brings on Grammy winner Frank Ocean.

Mayer has a few tour dates left in the U.S. this month before heading overseas. What can you expect from a John Mayer show? You’ll hear all his hits for sure – and don’t be surprised when he breaks into a few extended jam sessions. Find tickets now!