Summer blockbuster season is now behind us, but don’t fret; there are many cinematic gems still to be seen this fall! Here at Eventful, we carefully keep track of noteworthy upcoming films and would like to share with you everything that makes our movie senses tingle. While there’s a surprisingly lack of horror movies around Halloween, there are many captivating movies and few Oscar contenders. NOTE: Keep in mind that — unlike some OTHER sites — we’re only covering the beginning of September to the end of November; it just makes mathematical sense. Don’t worry; we’ll have a winter movie preview in December.

Rush – September 27

The latest from director Ron Howard, Rush portrays the real life story of the ’76 rivalry between F1 Racers James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl). At the heart of the story are two prideful men who refuse to back down from one another, fueled by adoring fans that secretly wait for them to be smashed to pieces. Eventually, the film also tells how their intense competition made them stronger people, and how their tumultuous ride affected the people they loved. Check back on Monday 9/23 for a full preview!

Don Jon – September 27

It’s safe to say that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of the most successful child stars ever. His recent work in films like Inception and The Dark Knight Rises gave him the clout for another achievement: becoming a favorite at this year’s Sundance Film Festival with Don Jon. A triple threat as writer, director and star, Don Jon casts the actor in a different light as a smooth New Jerseyan who has a weakness for porn. He faces a difficult decision when his new love catches him “in the act” and he must find out the personal reasons for his self-indulgent habit. With terrific performances by Julianne Moore, Scarlett Johansson and Tony Danza, don’t miss this film and get caught with your pants down.

Gravity – October 4

If you haven’t yet seen the trailers for Gravity yet, you’re missing out. This intense thriller from director Alfonso Cuarón (Y Tu Mamá También, Children of Men) stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as two astronauts stranded in space when satellite debris destroys their ship. Even with a cast of four, the film has already received universal praise for its acting, cinematography, direction, music, screenplay and, surprisingly, its use of 3D. Gravity has been described as a cosmic ballet that’s set against the chilling starkness of space, and is sure to have audiences on the edge of their seats

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