If your office throws an annual holiday party, it’s likely that you’ve shared a few laughs (and drinks) with your co-workers in the past few weeks. We at Eventful celebrated the season and had tons of fun, but we also made sure to reflect on what this time of year is really about. Before we pulled on gaudy Christmas sweaters and danced the night away, we paused to spend time with those less fortunate, and tried to spread some Yuletide cheer.


In early December, an Eventful crew traveled to downtown San Diego to volunteer at Project Homeless Connect at the San Diego Concourse. The event features a wide variety of organizations that provide information and services to the city’s homeless population. There were doctors giving inoculations, people handing out food and clothing, stylists doling out fresh new haircuts and even some generous volunteers manning a foot washing station.


Some of the Eventful employees volunteered at the YWCA booth, handing out pamphlets on domestic abuse and applications for housing. Some of them dug through piles of clothes, searching for the best winter coats to give away. Some sat with volunteers from the Interfaith Shelter Network, which provides temporary housing and refuge for abused mothers with children. A team handed out toiletry bags and survival kits, as well as conducted exit surveys where the most common complaint was that Project Homeless Connect should be held twice a year.


Hopefully, the attendees headed into the holiday season a little better than before they came to Project Homeless Connect. However, the winter season can be a deadly trial for the homeless population across the U.S., and they could use your help this holiday season. If you know someone who is homeless – whether temporarily or long-term – or the victim of domestic abuse, please visit these links and pass on the resources. The simple act of caring can make a big difference to someone down on their luck this holiday season.


Resources for women and children who have either been the victims of domestic abuse, or need some help getting back on their feet.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

One of the oldest charities in the U.S., they offer food, shelter and resources to help people get their lives back on track.

Salvation Army

A Christian organization that helps with dependency, homelessness, and clothing those less fortunate.