In the realm of film, romantic comedies can seem like the least complex genre around. They’re usually light, breezy, and fun; the type of film you don’t have to think about very much. That might be true, but the best romantic comedies reflect the frustrations and fun that most of us experience in relationships. They’re also a great way to showcase the funny and quirky acting styles of talented young actors and actresses. The newest romcom released today, That Awkward Moment, features all of these characteristics.

The script for That Awkward Moment has been floating around Hollywood, unclaimed, for years. It was near the top of the list of un-produced screenplays of 2010, due in part to its relatively unknown writer (and now director) Tom Gormican. The story revolves around three close friends: Jason, Daniel and Mikey. Jason and Daniel have been living the bachelor life to the fullest when they find out that Mikey is getting a divorce. To cheer him up, they decide to bring Mikey back to their lifestyle and completely avoid serious relationships. Of course, once commitment is off the table, Jason and Daniel began to fall for two truly amazing women. In order to spare Mikey’s feelings – and save face with each other – they’ll have to hide their feelings and play down their blossoming relationships. But can they still keep their ladies interested AND convince one another that they’re unattached?

While the story leaves a lot of room for some sticky, awkward situations, a lot of the entertainment in this film comes from its stars. Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan star as Jason, Daniel and Mikey, respectively, and there’s no better collection of up and coming actors that you would want in these roles. Zac Efron has come a long way from his High School Musical days, showing incredible acting skills in films like Charlie St. Cloud, The Paperboy and Parkland. He’s also shown how great of a comedic actor he can be in 17 Again, The Lorax and trailers for the upcoming Neighbors, so audiences can expect a both genuine and witty performance. Miles Teller has shown some terrific performances in acclaimed Sundance films like The Spectacular Now and Whiplash, while also displaying his humorous party-boy side in Project X and 21 & Over. Michael B. Jordan has had a long and prosperous acting career, beginning with the role of Wallace on The Wire and Vince on Friday Night Lights before more recent successes in Red Tails, Chronicle and Fruitvale Station.

That Awkward Moment features a story and actors that highlight the most intriguing aspect of romantic comedies: realism. They both reflect the situations and people that have real-life relationships, and provide an escape from reality rooted in the everyday lives of you and me. Find showtimes and tickets for That Awkward Moment here.