With so many events like Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day happening recently, even we at Eventful have lost track of some of the new music being released lately. There’s a good chance that you’ve been aching to break free from you favorite playlists or iPod music lately, and we’re here to help. There are quite a few new albums being released by legendary artists today, so let’s get to it!

This is a great week to be a country music fan, with new albums from Dolly Parton and Rascal Flatts. Parton is releasing her 42nd album, Blue Smoke, this week and the incomparable country legend is as talented as ever. The album is praised with continuing the sound and style that has made Parton an icon, and will be nothing short of a delight to even the most diehard fans. Rascal Flatts is releasing their 9th album, Rewind, today. Unlike Parton, critics are praising this new album due to it’s blending of both familiar styles while trying to broaden their sound to a wider audience. It’s been two years since Rascal Flatts released an album, but their new record and subsequent tour dates are sure to put them back in the limelight. The Black Keys also have a new album, Turn Blue, out today, and critics are singing its praises. A more ambitious album than 2011’s El Camino, The Black Keys display a more lush, laid back sound in comparison to their upbeat earlier work. Reflecting their exhaustion from touring and producing, the album takes on a slower pace, focusing more on nuances of sound rather than catchy hooks and danceability.

Iconic new wave band Blondie also has a new album out today, entitled Ghosts of Download. The album is the band’s second in 10 years and marks a revival in new material, though fans’ interest in Blondie has never wained. Ghosts of Download is also being marketed as a 2-disc album referred to as Blondie 4(0), paired with a “greatest hits” CD in commemoration of their 40th Anniversary. Rap legend and former NWA member Ice Cube also has a new album called Everythang’s Corrupt being released today. His busy acting career has kept Cube busy in the four years since he released an album, but the rapper couldn’t pass up an opportunity to speak his mind. Everythang’s Corrupt is a chance for Ice Cube to air grievances over everything from the government, to politicians, to the state of the union; which he felt was important to get out there at this point in history.

While you may not have heard of them, we couldn’t pass an opportunity to mention the new album by Cheap Girls, Famous Graves. Started by brothers Ben and Ian Graham, Cheap Girls released their first album, Find Me a Drink Home, on the terrific donation-based record label, Quote Unquote Records. The band’s second album, My Roaring 20’s, caught the attention of Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace and led to a highly successful tour for Cheap Girls. It also led to them signing with Rise Records for their third album, Giant Orange. The album featured a more mature sound that is continued on Famous Graves. With comparisons to Dinosaur Jr. and Smoking Popes, their mellow jam style displays a richer and fuller sound on the new album; a result of experience and higher production values. If there was ever an album to make you a fan of this Lansing, MI band, Famous Graves is the one.