It’s nearly a week into a brand new year. Some people are working hard on their lofty New Year’s resolutions, while some haven’t even decided what aspect of their lives they’d like to improve in 2017. Of course, it’s also likely that there are some of you reading this from a pile of junk food and overdue bills who has already completely abandoned their resolution and personal hygiene. But it’s not too late! If you haven’t decided on a resolution yet, or gave up a little prematurely, you can still get back on track for 2017; and Eventful is here to help. Whether you want to get in better shape, improve your financial situation, or bring your family closer together, Eventful has all the events to help make 2017 your best year yet!


Getting in better shape and leading a healthier lifestyle are two of the most common resolutions Americans make for the New Year. Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to achieve this goal in the New Year. Twenty years ago, yoga was practically unheard of in most Western health circles. Today, more fitness centers than ever are offering yoga and pilates classes, and independent studios are popping up all over the place (find yoga classes here). If you’re hoping to really reach the next plateau of your fitness routine, or just wanting to jump into the deep end of fitness classes, you’re in luck: boot camp isn’t just for soldiers anymore. These rigorous classes (which can be found here) are certain to shed pounds and shred muscles. Supposing you’re already happy with an exercise routine, you can still find ways to eat and live healthier. There are plenty of healthy cooking classes and informative seminars led by knowledgeable professionals that can teach you how to develop more nutritious eating habits that will leave you feeling like a brand new you. Check out these healthy eating events in your area.


Sorry, but Eventful can’t find you a better job in 2017 (there are other websites for that). However, we can certainly help you along. There are many educational courses and seminars that can give you the skills you need to become the best in your field. You can find training and certification courses to help you become a well-rounded employee (found here). There are seminars that teach you all the latest techniques and strategies to become the best in your field (right here). If you’re just now joining the workforce without any prior experience, you can also check out numerous job fairs put on by universities and employers to help you find something without sending in dozens of resumes (yep, just click here). Alternatively, if you’re already satisfied with your current job, you can always find smarter ways to save and spend your hard earned salary. Click here to check out seminars from trusted financial advisors and professionals who can help you keep more of your money in 2017.


News Year’s resolutions don’t have to be all about responsibility and hard work. For some people, having fun and living life to its fullest wasn’t high on their list of priorities last year. In the immortal words of Drake, “You only live once”; so why not make 2017 the year you some items off of your bucket list? Always wanted to go skydiving? Check out these great skydive schools. White water rafting? We have you covered. Bed or bathtub racing? You better believe it. Alternatively, living life to the fullest, for some, can mean spending more time with family and loved ones. Whether you’re planning a fun day for kids, or just hanging out with older family members, there are plenty of community events that can provide a day of wholesome fun without breaking the bank. You can find some resources for family fun right here.


There is a lot of fun to be had spending the day with family and loved ones, but some people are looking for The One in 2017. While there are plenty of mobile dating apps that have become popular in the past few years, some people are turned off by the lack of intimacy and personality that goes along with meeting someone online. Luckily, more traditional avenues of dating — like singles nights, speed dating, and even cruises – have gotten more creative and original lately. There are networking singles events for the busy professional, ensuring that even if you strike out, you can still create business opportunities. There are singles karaoke nights, where you can meet someone special while belting out your favorite song onstage. There are even holiday singles events, where you can find a date for the evening while celebrating! Click here to find Eventful’s most popular singles events in your area.