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You expect football players to push themselves to the limit each week to get a win. It’s only fitting you should demonstrate the same level of commitment to your tailgate. Music from your car radio and boring hot dogs on the grill simply won’t cut it. We have five suggestions to make your pre-game party the envy of the parking lot.

1. Rule number one – inviting the right people can take your tailgate from good to great. Take a cue from “10 Years“, if you have a hilarious high school friend who drops comedic lines without a sweat- don’t wait for your reunion… extend an invite and help him find a ticket.

2. Want to pump up your fellow tailgaters for kickoff? A portable sound system and arena rock tunes are essential. If you want to make things really interesting, bring a microphone along for pre-game karaoke. No one will mistake your buddy’s rendition of Guns N’ Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle” for Axl Rose taking the stage at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, but it will probably be good for a few laughs.

3. You’ll also need a reliable generator that can handle all your power needs. We’re not just talking about your sound system here – the tailgate game has gone high-tech. Whether you’re hooking up your satellite dish to watch the day’s early games or are using a portable kegerator to keep your beer cold, you’ll need more juice than your car battery can provide.

4. Burgers and brats are standard tailgate fare, but a little extra effort can go a long way. Find a local farmer’s market and pick up fresh ingredients before heading over to the stadium. Grill up some peppers or corn on the cob and watch the compliments roll in.

5. Last, but not least, don’t forget to bring a football of your own. Cornhole and ladder golf are also popular choices, but nothing can top tossing the ol’ pigskin around. Reenact famous plays like “The Catch” and “The Immaculate Reception”- just be careful not to crash into other tailgaters or parked cars.

Check back every Thursday for NFL tips and tricks- we can help you find tickets, save your relationship, improve your tailgate- who knows what we’ll come up with next.

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