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      comedian, podcaster, actor
      An American radio personality, television host, comedian, and actor. He currently hosts The Adam Carolla Show, a talk show distributed as a podcast on the ACE Broadcasting Network. Carolla is also known as being the co-host of the radio show Loveline from 1995 to 2005 (and its television incar... read more

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      An American radio personality, television host, comedian, and actor. He currently hosts The Adam Carolla Show, a talk show distributed as a podcast on the ACE Broadcasting Network.

      Carolla is also known as being the co-host of the radio show Loveline from 1995 to 2005 (and its television incarnation on MTV from 1996 to 2000), as the co-host of the television program The Man Show (1999–2004), and as the co-creator and performer on the television program Crank Yankers (2002–2007).

      In November 2010 Carolla's book In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks debuted on the New York Times Best Seller List for hardcover non-fiction.


      Carolla was offered the job of co-hosting Loveline with physician Dr. Drew Pinsky in 1995, alongside Riki Rachtman. Common topics included incessant radio weather and traffic reports ("How many traffic reports have you listened to? Thousands. How many times have you actually changed your route based on a traffic report? That's right! Never!"). Carolla held the co-hosting job until 2005.

      On May 13, 2009, Adam returned to Loveline as a guest. During a typical discourse with a caller that was giving short, unaccommodating responses, Carolla snapped jokingly "Oh, Jesus Christ, I don't miss this God-damn show one second!" Adam said being on Loveline was like "visiting your grandfather at the morgue."

      The Adam Carolla Show:

      On Nov. 1, 2005, Carolla announced he would leave Loveline to pursue a position in morning radio, replacing Howard Stern — with Stern's approval — in a number of West Coast markets. Adam's last night on Loveline was Nov. 3, 2005, to allow him time to prepare for his morning debut in January 2006. He stated that he'd love to continue to do Loveline by recording it immediately after his morning show, but Westwood One insisted that the show must be broadcast live. On Oct. 25, Infinity Broadcasting officially announced that it would be replacing Stern with Carolla on several radio stations in the western United States.

      On Feb. 18, 2009, The Adam Carolla Show was canceled as part of a format switch at KLSX to AMP FM, a new top 40 station. The final show was Friday, Feb. 20, 2009.

      The Adam Carolla Podcast:

      Carolla started a daily podcast on Feb. 23, 2009, at his personal Web site. The first Adam Carolla podcast was downloaded more than 250,000 times in the initial 24 hours, and by the third podcast, it was the number one podcast on iTunes in both the U.S. and Canada. During the debut week, the Adam Carolla podcast recorded 1.6 million downloads. In the second week it recorded 2.4 million downloads. By the fourth episode of the second week, featuring former Adam Carolla Show sidekick Dave Dameshek, the show was downloaded more than 500,000 times. Adam stated that bandwidth cost more than $9,000 a month as of May 2009.

      At the end of 2009, The Adam Carolla Podcast was selected by iTunes for its end-of-the-year awards as the Best Audio Podcast of 2009.

      On May 10, 2011, Adam revealed that he recently declined a 3 year, multimillion-dollar national radio syndication deal, including TV simulcast, in order to keep doing the podcast.

      On May 18, 2011, Adam announced on Jimmy Kimmel Live that the The Adam Carolla Show has taken the Guinness World Record for the most downloaded podcast ever from Ricky Gervais after receiving receiving 59,574,843 unique downloads from March 2009 to March 16, 2011.

      On September 28, 2002, Carolla married Lynette Paradise. Lynette gave birth to their first children, twins Natalia and Santino "Sonny" Richard Carolla on June 7, 2006. On The Adam Carolla Show, Adam repeatedly mentioned the birth was originally scheduled for June 6, but that he and Lynette decided to push it back one day as to avoid the symbolic 666 (06-06-06).

      Regarding his religious beliefs, Carolla has stated, "I am not agnostic. I am atheist. I don’t think there is no God; I know there’s no God. I know there’s no God the same way I know many other laws in our universe. I know there’s no God and I know most of the world knows that as well. They just won’t admit it because there’s another thing they know: they know they’re going to die, and it freaks them out. So most people don’t have the courage to admit there’s no God and they know it. They feel it. They try to suppress it. And if you bring it up they get angry because it freaks them out."

      Regarding his political beliefs, Carolla has Libertarian leanings. Carolla has stated, "I guess I would be Republican, in the sense that I want a secure border, I'm not into the welfare state, I'm not into all those freebie lunch programs. It just kind of demeans people." He goes on to state, however, that he is also in favor of some traditionally "liberal" causes such as the legalization of marijuana. Elsewhere he has stated that "My feeling is this whole country is founded on the principle of 'if you are not hurting anyone, and you're not fucking with someone else's shit, and you are paying your taxes, you should be able to just do what you want to do.' It's the freedom and the independence."

      Carolla has stated that he consumes alcohol on a daily basis. He invented 'Mangria', which is red wine with vodka.

      Carolla participated in the 2010 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race, where he lost. He previously competed in the race in 2003, where he also lost.

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